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How We Started ...

Gamma Aromatics began its journey in time in 1987 as a cosmetic research by chemist Gregory Haloulos. Initially, like all investigations and products of limited production, the first place where it was housed was in Kato Patisia in Athens, in a small workshop. Since then it has continued to grow and today it has reached the limits of the craft industry with sales throughout Greece, mainly in wholesale trade.

Company Development in Time
Important milestones on Gamma's journey in time, starting 2 years after the year of foundation:

1989 >> Starting Point of Lipsticks and Lips
1990 >> Production of Mascara and Eye Line
1991 >> Beginning of Fragrances
1992 >> Production of Shades, Blushes and Powders
1993 >> Representation of a French perfume house and direct import of perfumes for production and marketing
2012 >> Semi-permanent nail polish

... How We Continue!
Today, its products are cosmetics and perfumes. More specifically, it produces the following:

Perfumes, Essential oils - Aromatics, Mano, Nail Soap, Soaps, Shower Gel, Shampoo, Body Lotion, Hand Creams, Facial Creams, Shades, Lipstick
The unique feature is that in many of its products (soaps, bubble baths, shampoos, moisturizing body), Gamma Aromatics offers the aroma option of your choice, upon request at the checkout of the main menu item "My Basket".