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Nail Polish Removers

Nail Polish Removers

Nail Polish removers that gently remove without leaving any traces of the previous varnish.

  • Acetone with or without oil: perfect result for frequent use.
  • Non-Acetone: removes nail polish gently while peeling
  • Acrylic Remover: Removing Gel Polish has never been so easy, with a new improved formula that cares and nourishes the nail.
  • Loosener acrylic gel: removes easily all types of polish, from simple to acrylic and gel polish.

Αφαιρετικό βερνικιών 100ml
Αφαιρετικό βερνικιών 5Lt
Αφαιρετικό βερνικιών με λάδι 5Lt
Non Aceton 100ml
Non Aceton 250ml
Non Aceton 180ml
Non Aceton 500ml
Non Aceton 1 Lt
Non Aceton 4 Lt
Αφαιρετικό βερνικιών με λάδι 4Lt
Αφαιρετικό βερνικιών 4Lt
Αφαιρετικό βερνικιών με λάδι 1Lt

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